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Time-ordered photo catalog.

Woman's jackboot.
Moscow, Russia,
October 2010 year.
Blue kneeboots.
Woman's autumn fashion shoes.
Fashion in Russia
Blue kneeboots
Girl with roses in jackboots
Kneeboots fashion 2010
Blue kneeboots. Girl with roses in jackboots. Kneeboots fashion 2010.  

Woman's jackboot.

Moscow, Russia,
December 2009 year.
Suede and leather jackboots.
photos from Russia
Woman's kneeboot
Girl in suede kneeboots
Girl in leather kneeboots
Girls in jackboots
Woman's kneeboots. Girl in suede kneeboots. Girl in leather kneeboots. Girls in jackboots.

Leather kneeboots with
crumpled top of a boot.
Moscow, Russia,
March 2009 year.
Woman's spring fashion shoes.
Russian fashion photos
Black high boot
with crumpled top of a boot.
Girl in squeezed boots.
it's all the rage now
Moscow fashion-monger girl
High top of a boot.      
Random street photos.      

Leather kneeboots with clasp.
Moscow, Russia,
October 2008 year.
Woman's autumn fashion shoes.
Fashion in Russia
Brown boots with clasp.
Leather kneeboots with clasp
Fashion shoes.
white leather kneeboots
Girl in brown jackboots.   White leather kneeboots.  
Photos about fashion shoes.      

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